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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Any suggestion that O'Reilly and Yandle are equal value, especially given current circumstance, should be laughed at. The Avalanche would absolutely have to add, and something substantial. I can see why they wouldn't want to, and thus wouldn't be enjoying the services of Keith Yandle. No one is saying that the Avalanche need Yandle to make the playoffs or anything of the sort. It's merely a discussion between teams with personnel and needs that make sense.

I can tell you which side has the known quantity, signed to a great contract. That makes it much easier to gauge value. No one knows how the Russia crap will play out, or even what the deal is between Avs management and ROR. All we know is that your top scorer is holding out after 1 year, and shows no signs of showing up to play this season. You are not going to get optimal value, taking this into consideration. Sitting on him this season and then watching negotiations fail again in the off-season only decreases his value. Now he could even be considered a flight risk if he isn't happy with his ice time or role with a team. Who is going to pony up the type of return you guys are asking for in that case? This sort of behavior undercuts the Avs considerably, while Ryan really doesn't stand to lose much. His sins will be forgiven if he goes on to be a solid player for another franchise. It's just that his team gets screwed over, for whatever reason, and loses out.

Take it from a fanbase that has been down the RFA road. Except ours wasn't getting paid $4 million by a Russian league looking to put the screws to the NHL.
So you not only speak for your teams entire fan base, but also write as if your 'opinion' is fact. Honestly it's irritating.

As to the bold... I'll take that statement seriously when he bolts from the KHL with a contract from the NHL that pays him less money than his KHL contract. O'Reilly isn't Russian, nor has he struggled in the NHL... Two of the main reasons players go over there.

As for known quantity, gauging value, and all that BS... Like I said in a post earlier, a trade wouldn't even go down unless a lot of that stuff is worked out prior to the trade being made official. Just like Turris, and Varlamov's contract/RFA situations. Him playing in the KHL is connected to his contract demands so that kind of goes hand in hand. If he agrees to a contract with the Avs or whatever team he is traded to, the KHL becomes a non-issue.

Most people don't bring up all that crap because it's widely accepted, hence kept out of the argument and not worth discussing in trade talks because there wouldn't be a trade if it was really an issue.

But hey... Go ahead and continue to use it as a basis for devaluing a player you want us all to agree to taking a package of futures for. Good luck with that, =)

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