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01-16-2013, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
I really don't know. My wife would probably be pissed if I didn't use the editing software for something, as it was with great reluctance that she let me buy it with the associated price tag. But will it be for more hockey videos, I don't know.

A while ago JacketFan kept questioning me why I left my money with the team, and didn't demand a refund. It seemed he thought that by leaving my money with those causing the lockout I was personally responsible for enabling the lockout to continue.

I gave a response that I wanted to have my money keep paying for the ticket reps, marketing people, and all the people who worked through the lockout, because I had been in their shoes. And while that was a good portion of it, the real reason is that I knew if I pulled my money out, I wouldn't be back. I knew if I cancelled my GameCenter Live instead of letting it roll over, I wouldn't renew.

There is part of me that still wont let me let go. It's the same part that automatically makes my fingers type when I'm bored at a computer. So I'm going to use the 7 games this season to go, see if I enjoy myself, and figure out if it makes sense to keep doing what I have done in the past.

It's just that instead of going into the season with high expectations, or even realistic expectations, I'm going in with none. Not from the excitement level about the possibility of the team. Not with even the feeling of knowing I can show up at the arena, and win or lose have a good time.

Right now my tickets feel like an obligation. The team and the league have 48 games to change that.
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