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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
There's "low population" like the situation in Winnipeg, and then there's "low population" as in "eclipsed by US college towns every Saturday during football season". Regina and/or Saskatoon both fall into that latter category.

There's also a question of corporate support, although I can't speak authoritatively on that one as I'm unaware as to what opportunities would be there. The size, however, suggests "not enough by a long shot".

Seriously, Winnipeg required what amounts to an out-of-town sugar daddy to be possible, and they're something like three or four times the size. I just don't see how it's feasible.

That said, the lack of a team there at any leagues lower than that - the AHL, in particular, comes to mind - strikes me as something of an oversight. Then again, folks may be waiting to see if Abbotsford manages to stick around, considering how far west Saskatchewan is relative to the rest of the league.
Nope, Mark Chipman owned the Manitoba Moose and looked into having a downtown arena, the closed down building in a downtown lot owned by David Thomson was the perfect place so the two got together and built a strong partnership. Thomson has been working in Winnipeg thru the Hudson Bay Co., and he isn't just an "out of town sugar daddy".

The Jets were made possible by: The MTS Centre, TNSE and the background of owning a pro hockey team, Winnipeg - being the only viable option at that time, and the availability of a franchise.

TNSE have been talking to the NHL for several years, before the whole Phoenix/Atlanta or whatever city was flubbing to have a team.

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