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12'/13' Draft Thread: Something, Something... SETH JONES!

Continue; the last thread went well over 1,000.

Mod Warning:
I am giving a fair warning and a final one to some posters. There are some posters who are very strong minded with their opinion but in no circumstances does that mean you are to criticize or rub it in others faces. You have a strong opinion go for it, but doesn't mean it's personal and a vendetta to make them change their mind. They are entitled to it no matter how foolish or ridiculous it may sound to you.

If someone says Mackinnon could be picked last overall or 30th overall, then so be it, if you wish to discuss it then ask politely it is upto to them to respond with their opinion, if you disagree, just state i respectfully disagree and move on. DO NOT BELITTLE the poster instead, critique the post not the poster.

If any of these occur again, I am going to ban you from the thread and give you time away from the boards if necessary. Enough is Enough. I am going to add this exact post in the OP, I hope I dont have to repeat it because the mods are very tired of cleaning up the same shtick.

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