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01-16-2013, 07:48 PM
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So Puhis and I have been talking about what should be done and we've come to the consensus that there are going to be two leagues.

One 8 team league(with a possibility of expansion to 10 if there are two players that want to sign up soon), and one 10 team league.

And we are fairly certain that both leagues are going to be identical to each other. The draft date and time will remain the same on both leagues. That would be January 17th, 3PM Central Standard Time, in order to work best with all of our Finnish buddies. This part if like 99% non-negotiable. We want to keep this easy for everyone.

The rules and scoring systems are going to be the same in both leagues. This way, we can compare leagues to each other at any time and not have to say "Oh, this guy won in the easier league because it had categories! Points are way harder!" or the opposite. We can probably negotiate this if people want, but I think it would work best this way, so that going on to next year, we could possibly make some type of tier system.

Having two separate types of fantasy hockey on the same board would be a bit iffy. I have PM'd GopherState about having two threads on the board about fantasy hockey, and even though I haven't gotten a reply yet I don't think it will be a huge issue. I would just like to keep things unified so if new players come in down the line they can quickly pick up and understand the Wild board rules and not be panicked or confused by two separate leagues with completely different rules and styles.

Puhis is in the process of making a new league and will post the new information as soon as possible.

If anyone has any input we will be more than happy to hear it. We aren't dictators.

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