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01-16-2013, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
This is a short season, we all know that. MUST get off to a good start. Believe it or not, we DO have to battle with the Leafs for a spot. Sprint to the finish means that missing a game or god forbid a couple (we need him) is a huge blow to the team. IMO it's Subban (well, his camp) who's holding this up so yeah, he is with each day losing favour with the fans. Not saying we won't be in love with him when he finally signs, but we will remember it and for someone who has a bad reputation for various reasons (largely undeserved/overblown), it's not helping him. I wonder if people are sending him "suggestive" tweets. I agree with Bergevin's philosophy so I can only blame PK at this point. EVERY player wants security, that's why you earn in with multiple consistent years being a valuable part, not just 2 years of people chanting your name and you being the most hated player to opposition fans (the biggest compliment most of the time). I hope Price talks some sense into him.
Please stop with this. Most deals are not earned. You think Price earned his deal? Max? It's more about potential than anything. I'm so sick of hearing that he hasn't "earned" anything. I think he's done enough to warrant something better than 2 years.

I swear, some of our fans are clueless.

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