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01-16-2013, 09:01 PM
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The name of Alex Galchenyuk is on everyone’s lips in this town. There’s a great upside here. You’ve seen him in Sarnia, at your camp, you’re getting a good, hard look at this kid. … Do you see him being with you Saturday against the Maple Leafs?

(Laughs) I’ll be able to tell you that Saturday morning. Honestly, we go day by day. When he first reported, at the front door of this building, I told the staff, “Text me as soon as he gets in. I want to be one of the first guys to sit down with him.” That was formal!

He still had his jacket on when I said, “You come in here, kid!” The thing I was telling him was, “There’s no pressure. Just go out there, have fun.”

I realized that all young kids from 5, 6 years old dream of their first training camp. It’s special. He’s a good player. A special player. He’s got speed, quick hands, great ability with the puck. He’s got decent size, too, for an 18-year-old. … At the end of the day, we’re going to decide what’s going to be the best for him, we don’t want him to waste his time. He’s still developing, he’ll develop the next few years, we have to focus on that.

There will be a decision that’s made that’s the best for Alex Galchenyuk and the Montreal Canadiens. … In a situation like this, it goes case by case. No two guys are the same.

You’ve got to realize, they need to play. It’s going to give us nothing if we decide to keep Alex here and not play him. If we decide to keep the kid, we’re going to need to find him some ice time. … I wish I had exhibition games to evaluate (him).

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