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Started watching in 80s. My first real memory is WM4. I can remember Bret attacking Bad News Brown after the battle royal with the trophy as well as Savage winning the belt.

I will do this a bit different based on who I liked in certain times. Savage and Warrior were my first favorites. As were demolition.

Bret and Mr. Perfect were near the top of my list. In the early 90s

Always liked Undertaker as well as Kane.

Bret continued to be a favorite up till his retirement. Living in Calgary I have even got to meet him a few times which helped.

The Rock became a favorite during his time with the nation.

It took a while but SCSA eventually won me over.

Edge and Christian were high on my list. As were Jericho and Benoit.

I used to really dislike Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero but have come to appreciate them in the past few years.

Currently I really like Punk and even more so Bryan Danielson.

I think part of the reason I like Bryan is that he is only a few months older than me and we have similar body types. Basically I look at him and think if I had pursued a career in wrestling as soon as I graduated (which had been an idea I had for a short time) I would be a carbon copy of him.

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