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01-16-2013, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by broinwhyteridge View Post
I'm pretty sure that for next season STH will be able to order framed full ticket packages for display from TN... probably for $249.99.
No doubt. But that doesn't actually solve the problem for most people. As a season ticket holder in a group I don't get to go to every game. So while last year's first Bruins game in Winnipeg was awesome to watch, a ticket stub doesn't mean a single thing to me as I wasn't at the game. So I'm only interested in the physical tickets for games I actually attended, not the whole shooting match. That applies through my group. Similarly I could care less about a ticket stub for a game I didn't attend where the Jets stunk up the arena.

That said, I'm fine with the option they have. I'll PowerPoint or Photoshop my own tickets and get them printed commercially for the games I attend and as such are meaningful. I've no interest in a full ticket package at all. Some might but I doubt that it will actually sell well beyond any that are fortunate enough to attend a whole season (less than 10% of STH?).

I still think it was stellar marketing by TNSE to create a kerfuffle about paying a fee for self printing. Few if any are focusing on the fact they are saving a ton of money by no longer offering tickets. Ultimately they still have changed the season ticket holder agreement by not delivering something some people will want. You could probably actually win something in court if you were really that passionate because you aren't called a season seat holder. It's semantics, but sometimes it's enough. The court costs would be a ridiculous amount and the time would be a waste but that's not my decision. I'll solve my own OCD issues with physical tickets.

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