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Originally Posted by PaulProteus View Post
I'm with Slick Rick. I favor changing nothing at all, frankly, and do like the hurricane print along the bottom. I'm not even against the piping. The silver trim on the sleeves? Eh. I can live with it. I'm even partial to the logo, although it took some time to come around to. I even loathe the alternates far, far less than I used to.

It's not that I'm head-over-heels about the Canes kit, because I'm not. I'm just worried what they will cook up in an attempt to make it better.
I'm about the same as you on this Paul, although I'll admit I liked the alts straight away. We're not the best, we're not the worst, I like the storm flag print at the hem...really what else could you do to the jerseys to improve on them? I like the primary logo and think it's a fine graphical representation of a hurricane - what else are you going to do? Let's look at other teams that use the Hurricanes name:

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

Lethbridge Hurricanes

Saarland Hurricanes

University of Miami Hurricanes

University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Wellington Hurricanes

Now, apart from Miami and Lethbridge (whose logos have no connection to the name at all - Miami's logo represents their "The U" nickname and Lethbridge's is a modification of the Caps logo), all but one team that uses the name "Hurricanes" has a stylized representation of a hurricane. The exception is Tulsa which uses the storm warning flags. So it's not like we're the odd men out in terms of using the shape of a hurricane as the primary element of our logo. I see no reason why we should change it.

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