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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Cane View Post
This is an excellent point. When you see NHL logo/uniform rankings, the O6 teams are almost always at the top. Why? In my opinion, it has more to do with how they have remained relatively unchanged over time rather than the designs themselves. The appeal lies in how classic the designs are and the heritage that comes along with them. I could certainly see a scenario where the Hurricanes logos/uniforms are more highly-regarded 10 years from now if left unchanged.
Also agreed here. Interestingly, other than the O6 teams only the 'Canes, Avs, Devils, Flyers, and Blues have kept their primary logos unchanged (some have had minor changes - the Panthers and the Oilers, for instance) since we began using the Hurricanes branding/identity in 1997. It's a recognizable brand and I'd hate to see it changed on a whim, especially to some faux retro crap.

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