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01-16-2013, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
At some point, this kids wants a big league salary.
Even more than that, at some point you want to make progress.

3 years straight of GR.

We're killing our prospects and I guarantee you that Detroit is developing a rep among youngsters as a place that doesn't give kids a chance.
Mursak should have gotten his chance two years ago, but...Mike Modano and company
Nyquist should have been in the AHL after his sophomore year and getting his rookie shot last year. Tatar should have had his rookie shot last year.

I can't think of a single prospect who spent 2-3 years in GR who I can say, "Yep, we developed him well."

Maybe Kopecky.
No kidding. I could almost understand it if they had solid veterans taking up the roster slots... but signing Samuelsson again? Why on earth would they do that if it threatens the development and retention of Tatar, Mursak, Nyquist, etc? It's insanity.

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