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01-17-2013, 12:23 AM
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All Right, 7 of the 8 Division Names have been decided:

The 2013 All-Time Draft

Red Fisher Conference

Foster Hewitt Division
Jim Robson Division
James Creighton Division
Louis Magnus Division

Jim Coleman Conference

Bob Cole Division
Rene Lecavalier Division
Sam Pollock Division

For the Final Division in the Jim Coleman Conference, we have a tie between the Dink Carroll division and the Ray Scapinello Division at 11 votes apiece. I have decided to do the tiebreaker this way:

First Tiebreaker: Votes by Active GMs
Second Tiebreaker: Votes by Separate Amounts of Teams
Final Tiebreaker: Run-off vote over the course of 2 hours from 12PM-2PM EST tomorrow.

I haven't look at the votes yet in order to keep myself as an independent judge of this matter for fairness, as I have made my opinion clear on which option I prefer. Because of, in the grand scheme of things, how little division names matter, I'm just going to unilaterally do this, and post my findings in the next post.

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