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01-17-2013, 01:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Disgraced Cosmonaut View Post

at least some of us have a sense of humor.
vis clearly feels as if the league (* where he made his millions) owes him something because his representatives did a crap job with one of his contracts.

probably has his wife (*who was allegedly behind his requesting the "no trade clause") bleating in his ear about how this whole messed up situation is somehow his fault.

do we really need someone with so much personal baggage that he's resorted to citing a pressing family issue related to his son (* not his previously rankled wife, no sir) as a reason for not reporting to fulfill his obligations... the same family issue that has mysteriously not kept him from playing in the khl for several months?

i don't let garth off the hook entirely for this, because i believe there was too much stink on this guy from the last 5 years, but c'mon. the islanders organization should just figure out how to bow out of this thing with more class than is being shown to them by this henpecked weasel (who kind of reminds me of the guy chasing the acorn in the first Ice Age).
I think this whole situation might've gone smoother if vis was more upfront and truthful. If he came out and said something like "my wife does not want to move again" it couldn't possibly bring as much negative publicity as it is now. Right now he's trying to sell some bogus excuse and "oh, I just want to play a couple more weeks in the KHL, then I promise to come over and play for you! And I'm EXCITED to come over too!" Yeah.. ok, nobody's dumb enough to buy that. That's about as effective as telling your bank "the check is in the mail" when you're 3 months behind on your mortgage.

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