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01-17-2013, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Shimoe View Post
Its worse than "turrible." He will be 34 in a few months. Anyone really think that his best years are ahead of him? Haha. He is a headcase and not exactly the "best" teammate. It takes him 3 months to get in game shape (which btw is the whole season this year). Gillis wanted his ring NOW so he mortgaged the Nucks future for it. Even if they bought him out at the end of this year, they would have to pay Lu 27 million and it would still affect their cap until 2031. Some years the hit would be low but some years is will be millions. Go to Capgeek and take a look at how awful Lu's contract is (buyout or trade). With the cap reduction beginning next year (down to 63m) the nucks cant afford to even take on equal value for Lu. They have to sign 10 players for next year with little to no cap room. Lu cant be on the books, nor can his cap hit. They are completely hosed and all the GMs know it. His contract is untradable and Gillis knows it. The only goalie that the Nucks can trade this year is Cory. Don't be surprised is Cory goes in a surprise trade for a number 1 and a high prospect. Either way Luongo retires a Nuck even though the fans, Gillis and Luonge don't want it.
I'd gladly ignore this post and move on, but I don't want to give the idea you've bested us.

His "best years" might not be ahead of him, but his best and worst years are separated by the slimmest of margins. He's been stellar his whole career.

Headcase? Not a good teammate? Lies and slander, show me something, anything, that would demonstrate this.

Why on earth would Vancouver, let alone Toronto, buy out Luongo? He's one of three of our best players, and, IMHO, would be Toronto's best player and MVP.

We have demonstrated several times we can keep Lu next year, even with a decent raise for Edler.

I can't speak for Lu, but we fans would be happy if he stayed a Canuck, and Gillis just signed him to this contract. Schneider is a bonus, albeit that most of us called him getting this good. If he's moved instead, we'll deal with a better team then we have now, and a better return.

The rest of it is just baseless bashing with nothing else that can be demonstrated, proven or even argued.

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