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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post

Just saying. Doesn't make the way appear that much tougher. I think the perception of the Bundesliga isn't all that accurate over the last few years, in that regard.
Come on, it's obvious that it's tougher to beat United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, etc... to win the league.
Heck, using your kind of stat, I'm sure Ligue 1 must be one of the hardest league to win.

Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
That's where people disagree. Everyone has their principles. Guardiola certainly has some, too.

People get that heart-warming feeling like it's actually smelling good when they worked hard to earn it. It doesn't have any smell, whatsoever, when it's just dumped on you.

They earned their situation. That's what makes it simple. Chelsea didn't. City didn't. PSG didn't. You can try to rationalize that all you want. If you don't see that difference, I'm not going to be able to open your eyes on that. But don't believe it doesn't mean anything, when it does to most people.

Bayern didn't start up as a money-and-success-making perpetuum mobile. When the Bundesliga was installed, they had to start from the 2nd league. It didn't just fall into their laps. And making money of winning isn't as easy as you make it sound there. There just aren't many examples of teams being able to pull this off the way they did.
You mix two things here :
I'm not disputing it's better to earn your money than money being given to you.
Everyone here in France would agree it's better to see Lyon rise financially to dominance because it was well run than PSG and Monaco having a sugar daddy.
BUT, in the end, it's the SAME for other clubs.
Lyon bought every good player on other french teams when it was financially dominant. For other teams, it's all the same. They get unstabilized by that big money team.
Bayern also has a history of signing or trying to sign the better players from other german teams.

I've personally always hated the impact of money in football, and that's why I'm usually rooting for the poorest team. But all in all, when you see Bayern dismantling another german team and then PSG, Chelsea or City dismantling another team in their league, it all comes down to money anyway.

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