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Jan. 18-19: Dinos @ Bisons


CALGARY DINOSAURS (13-7-0, 16-10-0, OHT35 #12)
MANITOBA BISONS (12-5-3, 15-7-3-1, OHT35 #6)

Friday, January 18th, 7:00 p.m. CST @ Max Bell Arena, U of M
Saturday, January 19th, 7:00 p.m. CST @ Max Bell Arena, U of M

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Prior Games:
|> [Oct 26: Manitoba 4-1] : [Oct 27: Calgary 3-2 (so)]

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The home stretch is upon us. There are only four weekends left in the regular schedule, which means 8 games per team. To get the full gist of this weekend's series, just look at the standings:

Team`````````` W`` L``OTL``PTS
Alberta`````` 16`` 4`` 0`` 32
Saskatchewan``14`` 6`` 0`` 28
Manitoba``````12`` 5`` 3`` 27
Calgary`````` 13`` 7`` 0`` 26
UBC```````````11`` 7`` 2`` 24
Regina```````` 9`` 9`` 2`` 20
Mount Royal````4``15`` 1````9
Lethbridge```` 1``17`` 2````4

The major advantage the Bisons hold over the Bedrock Boys is that when the Dinos play Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Bisons will be facing Lethbridge and UBC. The Dinos will also face their cross-town rival New Kittens on the Block when the Bisons will face the Old Kittens in Banjoland.

What does this mean? Calgary needs to win this series if they hope to leap-frog the Bisons into 3rd, and Sask into 2nd. Frankly, the Bisons will be keeping more of an eye on those Mangy Inbreds. 2nd place carries with it a bye to the semi-finals whilst both 3rd and 4th host the quarter-finals.

Calgary was off to a mediocre start this year. They have now run up a 7-game winning streak, but notably none of those wins have been over the Top Three.

The Bisons have held a hot hand themselves. going 6-1-1 in their last 8 games. Those games include 2 games each against Alberta and Sask.

The Dinos have 6 of the top 20 scorers in the league, but only 7 of the top 40. Walker Wintoneak, Brock Nixon, Taylor Stefishen, Tyler Fiddler, and Kevin King are all amongst the top scoring forwards in the league, all at or around a point per game. Kodie Curran on D has 2 goals and 17 assists. Their goaltenders have been splitting series lately. Dustin Butler is a former CIS goaltender of the year and Jacob DeSerres was in the Phoenix Coyotes' camp last season.

The Bisons have been paced by the Dittmer-Duval-Macaulay line. They are all in the top 9 scorers. In fact, Macaulay and Duval are currently tied with Kyle Bortis of Sask for the league scoring lead. I'll be interested to see whether or not the Bisons will have all their usual starters available, in particular captain Dane Crowley.

I doubt we'll see another 8-7 game, either this weekend or for the remainder of the season. However, these teams can generate goals as well.

This series WAS scheduled to be on, but not any more.

Jesse Deckert photo, from the Winnipeg Sun story.


UBC THUNDERBIRDS (11-7-2, 16-8-2-1, OHT35 #15)
SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES (14-6-0, 16-7-1, OHT35 #4)

|> [Live Stats Friday] : [Live Stats Saturday]
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|> [Ron McLean to speak at Gala - reposted at CW Site]
|> [UBC Preview Story]

This series very much mirrors the Bison/Dino series. UBC is coming off an easy sweep of Lethbridge, which frankly is no big deal. Sask saw their 1st place hopes basically go up in smoke when they were swept by the Monkeys. This is a series where UBC must be feeling the pressure to prove whether they are ready to join the big boys in Canada West. Do they belong in that group? Or should they just be happy that they are ahead of Regina? This series is one where they can show what they are made of, for good or for bad.

LETHBRIDGE PRONGHORNS (1-17-2, 3-22-2, OHT35 #35)
ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS (16-4-0, 27-4-0, OHT35 #1)

|> [Live Stats Friday] : [Live Stats Saturday]
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|> [U of A Preview Story] : [U of L Preview Story]

Enjoy watching carnage from a train wreck? Then this series should be right up your alley. #1 v #35. Ugh, I cannot fathom how bad this might be.

REGINA COUGARS (9-9-2, 10-15-2, OHT35 #21)
MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS (4-15-1, 5-17-2, OHT35 #30)

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Cougar vs. Cougar. Sounds like a catfight outside the Palomino on ladies' night. Regina have looked like crap in all four games I saw them play. But yet week after week I see their results and they have been competitive. They have an 11 point lead over MRU in what is not yet a race for 6th place. Regina could clinch a playoff berth this weekend, with 6 games left!


|> [OUA LeagueStat Daily]
|> [AUS Schedule/Results Page]

Sunday, January 13
Ryerson 4 Ottawa 9
Nipissing 1 Toronto 5

Tuesday, January 15
Carleton 3 Queen’s 1

Wednesday, January 16
Saint Mary’s 3 Dalhousie 0
St. F-X 1 Acadia 5
St. Thomas 0 New Brunswick 7
Moncton 2 UPEI 3 (ot)
UQTR 2 McGill 4


The suspension of the Dalhousie women's team has been upheld. Now we need some detail as to what exactly happened. No report has made an allegation of anything that sounds the least bit serious. I guess we'll wait for internet rumours! And, as usual, the CIS released an official top ten list.
|> Dalhousie women's suspension: [] : [Winnipeg Sun]
|> CIS Top Ten: [CIS Press Release - reposted at [CW Site]]

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