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01-17-2013, 05:35 AM
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Originally Posted by okgooil View Post
lol. I just laugh, the players were locked out for half a year becuase they were going to get rotten deal and never get paid. ...... then a week after they sign, Zajac gets 6 mill.

Well, i suppose someone has to be the 1st shidiot to sign a stupid contract that will inflate the entire leagues' salaries, why not Lou? Actually kind of surprised it wasnt Holmgren that offered the 1st ******** contract, after all, he has to 'make up' for not getting Weber, wouldnt be surprised if he offer sheets Subban...if i was a NJ fan that lived there, i wouldnt go to any games or buy any merch, i would be fuming over this (not signing the player, just the contract itself) we go again, and the countdown to the next lockout officially begins today.

Wonder how Bettman feels about this? Or Fehr for that matter. Bet they will be having some umm, interesting conversations about this signing (and i'm sure there will be many more of these types of signings going forward too). This is exactly the kind of contracts that the owners were apparently willing to 'die on the hill' for to stop players from getting...i dont know about the rest of you, but my BS detectors are going off right about now. Just shaking my head at these morons running the teams, its unbelievable...i dont even know how the league is going to make it to the end of this contract to tell the truth, i'm looking forward to half the league being AHL calibre just in order to make the salary cap.

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