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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Ugh, this was THE WORST as an Usher.

What ends up happening, is that you have a section full of rowdy, drunk university students, and then you sprinkle in a few families with REALLY young kids who bought the tickets as the "family 4 pack".

It's an absolute nightmare to work. You get drunk university students who won't stop swearing, and parents with 3-year olds who are enraged that the "family" tickets they bought have landed them and their pre-school kids, essentially, in the middle of a university bar.

I have nothing against drunken college kids going to games, and I have nothing against parents who bring their kids to games. Both have that right... but putting them together in the same section is just the worst idea ever.
Haha, I feel your pain. I also ushered for 2 years and I remember those nights pretty well..

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