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Originally Posted by HockeyThoughts View Post
I tend to drink tons of water throughout the day (I literally don't touch my waterbottle during the game as a result) and about 30mins before the game I'll drink a Pre-workout drink.

My first foray into the world of pre-workout supplements was:
-MusclePharm Assault

I just ordered Fierce Domination by S.A.N. which has been come highly recommended to me.

While the pre-workout drink did give me some jitters before the game started but I had an abundance of energy and intensity for the duration of the game.
I know it's an older post but I wanted to second it anyway. I've been using Assault for a little over a year I'm guessing and LOVE it. Use it before gym (obviously), mountain biking, before playing roller and now ice. I've got to work on the timing of the consumption, although it is pretty cool feeling it kick in when the blood gets flowing hard.

On a related note, I just re-ordered some "old guy" supplements. Mainly GH and TEST boosters. It may be too late for my hair but I'll take the help with energy and weight maintenance/loss. Have had success with them before but funds were tight for a bit.

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