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01-17-2013, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by JVR View Post
I feel kinda indifferent to the Pep news but it has always been my opinion that everything that helps Bayern to further their dominance of the Bundesliga is bad for the Bundesliga.
We don't know if that's what it is going to do. Actually, looking at things right now, it will be very hard for him to increase Bayern's dominance from this year. I agree with your general point, that the competition - including and especially at the top - is huge for the league. I don't think the current rise happens by chance, and the increased competition for the Bundesliga helped the level a lot.

Originally Posted by JVR View Post
Him joining Hamburg or even Schalke would have been a great thing for the Bundesliga, this doesn't change the current situation sadly.
I soooo disagree with that. Him joining a team like that isn't an option, obviously. But you bet that players in the big leagues and those on their way there took notice. You bet there'll be a lot of people watching their first Bundesliga match next year (or first in ages), even if it's only the BVB-FCB. It helps the spotlight on the league. Today, there's newspapers in a boatload of countries explaining their readers Guardiola decided to move to a great up and coming league, with fantastic talent, great stadiums, fans, and so on. There's quotes from all kinds of star players mentioning these things. I don't think I'd even be bold in saying that this already has changed the situation, and helped the Bundesliga.

The attraction of the league doesn't spike when a guy, say, on Hamburg's level or even a good tad higher transfers to Hamburg. That doesn't have much of an impact. Some will talk about a somewhat uncommon destination, but that's really reserved to those already converted. When a guy like Guardiola picks that league, that has everyone talking. Players in Spain sure as hell take notice. So do talents. A Spaniard taking a job in Germany is front-page material in England, so everyone there's getting lectures from commentators about how it makes sense (because that's about every article I've read from England), given the state of German football. This already has made the Bundesliga a little more attractive to players. It already has put a seed in a few kids' heads about phantasizing of playing for Pep, with Ribery, or whoever - in Germany. (Obviously not your average Spanish kid, but we all knew the odd ones that would always go with foreign teams. I think most of us were those for a stretch, maybe. ) I'd be shocked if this didn't help the league, made players look at Bundesliga teams as destinations that they wouldn't have thought about much before. Maybe bring up to their agent that actually, that German league didn't seem too bad, either.

You couldn't buy better advertisement. And while our last TV deal was signed relatively shortly ago IIRC, one could already bet that this will increase the value of the next one, simply for international broadcasts. I'm pretty sure that when you see the reactions among other German officials, they are happy for the league because they are as convinced that I am that this can be massive for the league.

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