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01-17-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Leman Russ View Post

LoL sounds so bland hahahaha
It's still entertaining. Sadly, don't have the time for both games and at this point DotA intrigues me more. Though a few weeks ago I played support in League (Soraka) and was surprised how little I had to do in early/mid game. Just babysit my ADC, watch the minimap and occasionally throw a pair of wards. No stacking/pulling, denying, roaming, taking care of the courier. This ended up in me constantly checking out the action on other lanes and my ulties saving mid and top a couple of times. Our opponents then screamed that we were premade
Originally Posted by Corto View Post
I don't disagree "mastering LoL" is very hard, you still have to learn a billion heroes and the mechanics of the game.

But DOTA is so much more advanced, that when you finally get to a top-tier of play, it IS more rewarding.
Your own list:
- lots of important mechanics that are absent in LoL: denying, pulling, stacking, day/night vision, uphill/downhill positioning, different shops, couriers, buybacks, disassembling items, etc.

I'd add microing to that list, there are quite a few heroes in DOTA that require serious microing skills.
Probably you're right. The feeling after the win is mosty the same, but the number of tricks that you can pull off to get an advantage over your enemy is higher.

I think microing and courier management fall into the same category (of course, microing is a broader term), but what I entirely forgot is juking (i.e. hiding and escaping using the terrain). Similar to zig-zaging through the bushes in League, but more complex, I have to say.

And from another perspective a game in DotA is rewarding, because all players have a fairly big chance to get a free cosmetic item at the end

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