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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Wrong, wrong, wrong. I can't speak for whether Ottawa tried to keep him, but if you think finishing 16th in Norris voting means he was a "bad" defenseman, there are a lot of bad defensemen in the NHL. Like... almost all of them.

His first year in NY, he was second in scoring and ATOI among defensemen behind Rosival. Then Tortorella was hired. Torts never liked Redden after he had one bad game against San Jose early in the season. To the point where his ice time was slashed by five minutes for the rest of the season and he wasn't allowed at training camp the past couple of years.

This is why I don't buy the "He couldn't keep up" stuff: If that were true, they would have brought him in at camp and let him try to make the team, show that he had improved. Redden being in the AHL was a personal thing from Torts, Sather, or both. And it's not cool.
To be fair, Sens fans could see the writing on the wall with Redden. Especially in his last playoffs with us, you could tell he was declining.

... though that being said, there is NO ONE in Ottawa who thought the decline would be as steep, or as severe as it was. I remember when the Rangers signed him to that deal, the vibe in Ottawa was "He's a $3.5 mil guy these days, not worth what the Rangers overpaid for him".

We all thought his best days were behind him... but he pulled a David Copperfield and disappeared. No one saw that coming when Sather signed him. Everyone just assumed Slats had overpaid by at least $2 mil, and he'd have a very overpaid 2nd pairing guy. The severity of the decline was shocking to see.

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