Thread: NCAA: Te'o GF death a hoax
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01-17-2013, 09:28 AM
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I'm just confused. This hoax guy Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is someone who reportedly created this "Lanney" persona/profile back in 2008 and has contacted other guys as well pretending to be "Lanney". That to be is beyond creepy! It's not like this "Lanney" fake chick popped up overnight to help someone's football career....

Also, did Te'o say he met "Lanney" face to face? There is report he met her in 2009, but then Te'o's twitter account has a tweet to "Lanney's" twitter on October 10, 2011 saying "Nice to meet ya ma'am"......I think the 2009 report out there is inaccurate. And the word "meet" doesn't necessarily mean face to face. Hasn't Te'o said he never met her face to face and it was just an online creepy relationship?

I think Te'o might just be naive and a victim to this creepy Ronaiah guy who created "Lanney" back in 2008 and has contacted other guys as well with this "Lanney" persona....

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