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01-17-2013, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Malakhov View Post
But Galchenyuk wouldn't have PK's attitude, though, right?

Ahhhh, maybe some of you should realise that this is probably a concern for the Habs brass. They want to sign PK for a short term contract and see from there. Will he mature, will he be a good teammate, will he run his mouth a bit less?

Lots of factors in this case and like I said, I want Bergevin to stand his ground on this.
That's absolutely stupid. That mouth of his have gotten other players off their games. All they're thinking about is getting back at PK, and they can't. He is so good at reading the play and so avoid hits very well, when he does get hit, he's great at protecting himself from big damage. Not only that, but thanks to his skating, he makes players chase him but they never catch up to him. One of his strong skill is how he uses his own net as a protective shield when players chase him.
Some people just don't realize how special this kid is. They really don't.
The only reason he might have calmed down on the talking was because there was nobody on the team to protect his battles, he becomes a target and nobody to help him out. Now though, Bouillon, Prust, Armstrong, White are all guys that can scrap and stand up for their teammates (not only can they do it, but it's a big reason why they're here too). Their presence will also make Moen much more comfortable taking on opponents too.
What next, will Emelin have to stop dishing out bone crushing hits because he can't fight due to his jaw issues?

Also, PK is the first to jump in and defend a teammate if he has too. He is a great teammate to have. Will he mature? Why wouldn't he? You want to wait for the cap to go down next year, then back up a bit, mature, solidify his role, and then ask for more cash under a lower team cap? Sure, that makes sense..

This kid is your best player. There's no question how good he is, and really, there's very little doubt as to how good he can be. If he just keeps up what he's doing, and doesn't progress, he's a 4-5M Dman. So, sign him now, to a longer term, it'll only be beneficial to us.

But what's this bad attitude he has? The only time I hear this is old farts running their mouths. Not one of his teammates ever said something bad, he said he needed to mature a bit. Wow, surprise surprise, an early 20s kid needs to mature. This is absolutely unheard of.

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