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01-17-2013, 10:54 AM
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I look at this as interesting from a macro view (league-wide) rather than our local micro view (team-wide) where we are too concerned about personality and short-term implications - understandable as those concerns may be.

That said, the micro view of team salary structure, and how this puzzle piece fits into a descending cap and the salary of team mates is very relevant.

But from a macro view, I think a lot of the delay is about what kind of precedent this is setting, in terms of the second contract and RFAs, especially for a top team player. Bergevin seems to be principled in terms of having a second RFA contract and to buy UFA years later, Subban's management seems principled in terms of the pre-cap reduction paradigm of buying UFA years now, and this is something which will set a lot of comparables across the league. That kind of paradigm differential doesn't scare me too much, as long as short term pain now results in the right long-term decision being made.

Some blog posited that this is the agency's attempt (Benn, O'Reilly, Subban) to blow open the RFA offer sheet market, which is interesting -- and THAT I find frightening!

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