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01-17-2013, 10:11 AM
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Got back to working on building up a star team. A lot of people have probably seen I've done themed lineups in the past to keep things interesting but I decided to work on making the best lineup possible again. Hope you guys aren't getting tired of the lineup posts lol.

SOTW JVR - SOTW Grabo - SOTW Kessel -> As a leaf fan I had to grab all these guys for a top line. They were all more expensive than they are technically worth based on ratings but I really like the line as a whole. Kessel is awesome, his wrist shot is like his real life counterpart and I love scoring those goals with him.

SOTW Moulson - Bergeron (C) - St. Louis (A) -> Recently added Bergeron and St. Louis to this line and I'm happy with the decision. Both of them fly out there. Moulson I like but he's the one guy I'm considering finding a replacement for. He started out well, being in the right place at the right time for goals but he's slowed down a bit since and doesn't keep up with the other two as well.

Getzlaf - Thornton - Iginla -> I've always pushed towards getting the fast guys but I've seen the error of my ways. This line is awesome. Great at cycling, tough to knock off the puck. They really put on the pressure. I think they are likely producing better than my top two lines.

Macarthur - SOTW Peverley - SOTW M.Brown -> A couple more leafs to round out the lineup. Brown plays first like PK and he even chips in with some goals once in a while. Peverley is just overall solid, PK guy for me too.

Phaneuf - SOTW Franson (A) -> More leafs I think Phaneuf is the only available leaf SOTW I don't have. Can't afford him lol but the regular one is still really good.

SOTW Gardiner - Bogosian -> Pretty good pairing, Gardiner can go end to end and Bogosian isn't flashy and hasnt put up many points but he's tough to knock off the puck and is just solid. Better than I expected.

SOTW Streit - Michalek -> I always feel like Streit deserves more icetime because he always seems to make something happen when he's out, but I haven't been able to play him over Gardiner or Phaneuf. Michalek's not bad, but will probably the first dman I replace.


First new player will be a goalie so Rask can move to be a backup. I'm only around 15k pucks so it might be a while. Depends who I decided to go with. Let me know of any bang for your buck goalies.

I've noticed the stats don't get recorded sometimes which is too bad. It always seems to be when guys get 3 or 4 points I check and their totals havent been adjusted.

Here's a Brown goal, nothing amazing but I've never scored a backhand like this (On Hasek ):

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