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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I was referring more to how they use him ON the ice...not how they're market him off of it, because he does a pretty good job of that himself lol

But the Habs have used PK Subban the last 2 years like a #1 dman, partly because of injuries but also because they felt he deserved it.

Just like they richly rewarded Josh Gorges, I think it's only normal they should do the same with PK Subban.

I get why they're hesitant to commit long term money to him...but it contradicts what message they're sending to him ON the ice.
I also think you were making a good point, but the issue of transitional contracts is one that the org. is committed to enforcing and I like it. You have to earn your stripes, no matter who you are or how well you played. If you're a young player coming out of your ELC, you need to first go through the process of giving the team one contract (that is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than your last!) to show your commitment to being a part of the whole. Yes, PK has been a beast for us, but he's by no means perfect and shouldn't think that he is. He is a fan fav. for many reasons including he's always speaking well of Montreal, about how he's always wanted to play here, how he wants to win, how he knows he needs to grow. Well then he needs to put his money (or demand for it) where his mouth is. Gorges had a similar situation, although IMO he had already been through a transitional one (combining SJ and MTL) and he understood that the club wanted to see how he was after surgery. He got what he deserved in the end. Same with Price. Patches is not a fan favourite? He's the poster child of our offense! Yet he is incredibly mature about the process and I think he cares way more about becoming a better hockey player than money (granted he's got a good second sports-related stream of income).

Last thing I want to see from PK is the attitude that is embodied by that picture Kane tweeted. I respect a hockey player who wants to prove himself and also...enough with the ridiculous amounts of making it rain (and raining hard). Just play!

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