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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
I give him credit for playing well in March all the time. Here's the thing though...he was downright bad for about 3 months, shaky for one month, and excellent for one month. At his cap hit and contract, that's totally unacceptable. He absolutely needs to be better than that or he needs to be bought out.

December was our best defensive month, yet it was Bryz's worst. Defense wasn't Bryz's problem...Bryz was his own problem. On top of that, our defense was far from worst in the league. It was a little above average if anything, it was just hard to tell because any shot had a chance of going in. Lots of goalies on worse teams put up better numbers. Vokoun, for instance, outperformed Bryz on an imploding Caps team. Bobrovsky outperformed Bryz behind the exact same defense until he hit his annual January wall.

It was the goalie's fault. He has a lot to prove this year.

This is such an incredibly dishonest post I don't know how to respond to it. I've given Bryz credit for his good play constantly, and you willingly ignore it for reasons incomprehensible to me; sorry I don't spend all of my days guzzling the Bryz Kool-Aid and ignoring the hard reality of his performance last year. There just wasn't a lot of good play to give credit for, something which Bryz himself admitted.

On the other side of the coin, why are you constantly ignoring his terrible start in the KHL, where he struggled with a lot of the same problems as last year?

Edit: alternating strong and poor games IS absolutely unacceptable for someone with his cap hit at his position. This guy isn't supposed to be a more expensive Biron. Go wander over to the Pens forum whenever Fleury has a couple bad games. The riot over there is worse than here. Why? Because you can't afford to give 5 million dollars to a goalie who might lose you any game due to inconsistency...that money is better spent elsewhere.
I understand you were frustrated that Bryz got shelled in December, we all were. Heres the thing you still fail to realize, if one guy isn't doing his job its up to the rest of the team to play well enough to get Wins. Spending 5 million of Elder or 8 million on Weber isn't going to stop the fact this team doesn't play well in their own zone. TEAM DEFENCE! The Rangers, Devils, Kings etc all play team defence. They clog lanes, block shots, and reduce the amount of quality scoring chances to practically zero. They push teams to the outside and counter-attack based on the fact they forced the other team to make mistakes. Does Bryz let in softies? No doubt but the amount of times the the puck gets deflected in, point shots make it through and the second and third chances out weight the softies. The elite teams in this league make sure those point shots get blocked or the stick is tied up to prevent deflections and they without a doubt collapse in front of their goalie to prevent the 2nd and 3rd chances. This team has some of the best offensive talent in the NHL, I'd say their on par with LA, the difference is LA works from the goalie out, the Flyers work from Forwards out. Bryz will have a great 48 games, I truly believe that, but for this team to be successful, they need to start doing the little things that can make Bryz, Leighton, Boucher whoever great.

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