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Originally Posted by BinCookin View Post

How do these buyouts work under the new CBA?

Does Toronto save any money if they buyout T.Connelly? (Do they pay 100% of the salary)

I have also seen alot of people here suggest buyouts on BIG contracts (Bryz and Luongo)

Would the team have to pay 66% and have that as a cap hit (33% per year) for the next ~15 years?

I am confused about the current system, or the "specialty" case for the cap going down etc.
Does anyone have a good handle on this?
If a player is bought out before this season, he gets 100% of this year's salary and 2/3rs or 1/3 of other year's, depending on their age. They would count against the cap this year, but for the same hit as if they are in the minors. They won't count against the cap in any other year.

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