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01-17-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
Uh... Barca. I'm a big fan of the team, but let's be honest here. Their youth system, coupled with the fact that Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, and Puyol are all literally on the same page all the time. It's a much easier task than winning with a team like Valencia, Sevilla, Betis, Chelsea, Bremen, or Marseille.
I'm a bit split on that, for two reasons:
1) Yes, winning with a team like those mentioned certainly is a whole lot tougher, no question about it. But then again, is taking even a very good team like pre-Pep Barca to being a generational era actually easier, than taking one of those lower-tier teams to a single stunning win? The latter happens every once in awhile, and the coaches receive great credit, but they don't nearly always follow up.
2) Pre-Pep Barca can't really be reduced to the names it already consisted of, I think. Sure, there were guys like Iniesta and especially Xavi already there, but both were sitting on the bench in their CL knockout (no idea if I remember that correctly) before Pep took over. Iniesta probably was still rather young and maybe not physically there, but especially Xavi simply wasn't the player he became lateron, although his age wouldn't have held him back. Those are things where credit is deserved for Pep. And the fact that his team kept playing this strong after his departure I cannot see as anything but an illustration of the systems he helped building up there.

Originally Posted by Cin View Post
I for one hope he chooses to keep the same style Bayern play now, only incorporate different things into it. Not another 4-3-3 possession based dominance.
Yeah, same here. And I don't think he'll come in there, tear everything down and start from scratch trying to emulate Barca. The formation may change, but I don't think we'll see Bayern's play of this season get lost entirely. That would likely not be a good sign.

Originally Posted by Cin View Post
I can't wait to see him and Klopp play chess, plus I'm a HUGE Dortmund fan.
Yeah, that's an exciting vision. While reading some English boards last night, I saw quite a few people salivating over watching "Pep vs Klopp" next year in the Bundesliga. It was new to see people elsewhere excited over BVB vs FCB again last year, and I really can't recall ever hearing foreign fans look forward to a game in Germany because of the consensual respect for the coaches. Can't lie, that made me smile.

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