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Set up 3 pucks in a triangle pattern. Stickhandle various patterns thru, around the pucks without touching the other pucks and with no predetermined pattern (improvise every rotation). Start slow... Then progressively go faster after a couple sessions. You can measure your progress by how fast you can go without knocking the other pucks.
The drill is great because it exercises all possible wrist movements. Make sure you include backhand toe drag, toe drag, short and long side to side... Also, back peddle back and forth around the triangle (if you can, probably expert level) while stickhandling.

A couple of Euro pros that I now play with showed me this when I was younger. I've been doing it a few times a week since I was 12. 10 yrs later, I can now tell you that I can weave through those guys with ease. I have never played against someone with better hands. Eventually I will put up youtube videos to show how to do the drill with maximum efficiency. This drill comes straight from what the pros in Europe did/recommend (both were NHL prospects).

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