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01-17-2013, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by SimplySensational View Post
Forsberg and Johansson for Benn, wth?

I like Ryan, but Kuznetsov>Ryan.
Obviously it has to be overpayment for other teams to consider. This is the price for putting 3 excellent forwards that do not need to be upgraded at their positions and have a game that translates well to the playoffs, as well as finally plugging the hole next to Mike Green. Plus these players would be here for a long time, it's not just selling for vets. The positions they occupy won't need to be filled with other players for the duration of their contract/their next contracts should they be resigned, so the #1 drawback to not having prospects is eliminated. Ultimately it's the price for having that type of roster at the same point in time. Imagine if we had present Carlzner in 2009 when going up against the Pens. It's the same idea.

You may disagree but from what I've seen of Benn once he's done developing he'll be a Toews/Kopitar clone. The three will essentially be 3 different shades of the same player - PPG center with great defense, good physical game and playoff intangibles and whatnot. I think Toews will be the best at defense in terms of faceoffs/pure shutdown ability, Kopitar will be the most talented offensively (though not by much more than the others), and Benn will be the most physical. Benn would also be best at playing wing of all three since that's where he started out. Right now he's a significantly better player than Johansson, especially when physical and defensive play is considered (ie the playoffs), and even if Johansson catches up and Forsberg impresses I think Benn overall will still be better than both combined. O'Reilly would also be a gamebreaker for us, dude makes Parise look like a lazy mofo.

Also, I'm not sure how you can say Kuznetsov>Ryan. I'm guessing you're only looking at Kuznetsov after he pans out fully, in which case he's an 80-90 point player to Ryan's 70 points. Did you consider the fact that Ryan is one of the most consistent scorers in the league (one of only like 5 players to get 30 goals each year since he was in the league). Did you consider the fact that Ryan plays a much more physical style than Kuznetsov, and probably better defensively (though I'm willing to call it a wash). Did you also consider that Ryan would be here for the next 2 years, contributing to cup runs while Kuznetsov would not? And that it would probably take Kuznetsov at least 2 more years to get up to speed to be on the same level as Ryan.

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