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01-17-2013, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Middletown Mike View Post
He's gotta be gay and this is a cover up.

This is the most bizarre story I have ever heard of
This is the theory I most believe. It makes a lot of sense given the info that's out there. From a devout Mormon family, goes to a very religiously based college. Two things that would make him feel he wouldn't be accepted necessarily. Big time football player at the school so he would obviously have a lot of options for real girlfriends right there at school. Probably pressure from his teammates in that regard too. Easiest way to justify denying it is to have a girlfriend from somewhere else. The farther away she is, the easier it is to justify. And the online component of it all justifies why she isn't there/no one has met her.

Maybe this isn't the case at all. But it fits pretty well. I hope this is the outcome actually. I wouldn't exactly be happy with the true result being that he got scammed, and I wouldn't be happy that he made all of this up for no real reason other than fake sympathy. I'm more understanding if he made it up to cover that he is gay and that the lie just got too big and he didn't know how to handle it (which is why he would then spin it that she died to get the whole thing over with). It's totally fine if he is gay, and I think he'll be more accepted for admitting it sooner rather than later, given how much coverage this is getting and how ugly it gets with each detail. If that's not the case, then obviously there's nothing to admit. But if it is, I wish it would come out soon to save everyone the trouble.

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