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01-17-2013, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by StumpNYI View Post
Good point...oops lol

I swear people just skip over my posts unless I make a math mistake ^. Yes, you can watch on any compatible device (iPhone/Andriod phones or tablets, xbox/ps3, and pretty much any device that has internet access)

Speaking of android, the new app came out yesterday and I downloaded it. To go off my post above that I'm sure nobody saw, I logged in and the GCL service said it was "purchased". I'm confused because I haven't paid for anything. I looked at my bank account to see if it auto payed but didn't see a transaction. I wonder if my subscription from last year has anything to do with it. Anybody know?
You must have skipped over my post! I think its default setting is auto-renewal cause my friend called up game center and they told him he has until Jan 21st to unsubscribe with out having to pay for the first month other wise it will be automatically taken from what ever method you used to pay last time.

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