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Originally Posted by RockFlagAndEagle View Post
They should have kept Lorenzo around for longer, he could get away with doing crazy things because of his B list celebrity background, and Chase didn't suspect a thing.

Anyone else notice Chase already had the cut on his forehead in the beginning of the episode while talking about the love triangle? Guess that all took part after the incident.
I noticed what I think was a major continuity goof.

When they went to get the “real” perp and filled up the van, did you notice that when they announced it on the couch and when they went in the van, Lavernius and the asian girl were nowhere to be found? I think they tried to pass off footage from two days later, as though it happened that day.

Just watch, Lavernius and the Asian are the next two to go, on days 4 and 5. This scene was filmed on day 6 but they threw it into the end of episode 3 as the “start” of day 4 with a bit of a cliffhanger ending.

Either they wanted to force a cliffhanger ending, or ran out of good footage from day 3 to put in episode 3, but in any case they had to think we were not paying good enough attention. That was horrible.

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