Thread: Confirmed with Link: Salvador Named Next Devils' Captain
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01-17-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by tycobb View Post
What the hell does a captain do off the ice? I don't think Kovy should be captain because he is the best player, but because he cares about the team more than anyone else.
The captain is the link between the players and everything else off the ice.

They need to bring something to the coaches or organization? The overwhelming majority of the time that goes through the captain. People don't realize that kind of thing. I think the game is changing in that a lot of assistant coaches and even head coaches are different now with email, texting, etc. But back when, the coaches, equipment guys, organization guys, etc. didn't want 20+ guys calling them all the time about stuff.

The captain also delegates and helps handle a lot of PR type stuff - who needs to go to what public events and stuff like that. They help negotiate how many events they'll do a year, how many things they'll sign, and so on.

Being captain is a HELL OF A LOT more then just playing and caring about the team above all else.

Salvador seems to be the right kind of politician of sorts to smooth over all these wrinkles that might happen. Look at Stevens, people respected him and he could bring a team together. Langs had that once, and then it fractured and tore the people apart. Salvador, I feel, can keep the **** together if something heads the wrong way.

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