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01-17-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Gil Fisher View Post
We seem to be fairly high on that list. Um. So it's a predictor of success? Is it upside-down?
Basically what this shows is an approximate average of where teams would fall if every goalie was a machine that allowed equal amount of goals.

Also, this is an average, it shows the season mean and no standard deviation or the shape. A teams points come from how many games you win, so winning a lot of games by a little and few games by a lot is much better than win a a few games by a lot and a lot of games by a little.

Of course also add in goalies aren't equal and variable game-to-game.

But, it does give a good idea of the general strength of a team and also is the strongest deterent about D being the major cause of our poor GA and not Pavs/Mason. Of course, it takes a whole team, but this is the major piece of evidence the main fault lies on Pavs/Mason.

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