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01-17-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
So basing this on an unamed "expert" and a guy who works for the arena they are moving to? Kinda shaky if you ask me. The Unamed expert is no different than the "unamed locker room sources" we always hear about and I would expect nothing but the rose colored glasses outlook from the guy who is resposible to sell the boxes.

Truth is that the boxes and premium seats at Yankee and Citi are not sold. The Mets struggle to fill those boxes and seats is well chronicled and the Yankee issues came more to light this past season when the stadium was half full for the afternoon playoff game. The prices for seats inside the "moat" at Yankee staduim have been written about and discussed on talk raido since the place opened. Fact is they cannot sell them to anyone cause they are too high priced.

The only comparison here would be MSG and it's location, history and ability to draw top name entertainment, outside the sporting world, make it an easy sell. Combine that with an owner who spends and well you know the rest.

As I have said before, time will tell how this whole thing pans out. IMO five years from now this board will be lamenting the move and the owner, granted it's still Wang, when they are still trash living in a palace. If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it because at the end of the day I am an Islanders fan and want my team to win and be respectable in the league.
Why the hell would the move be lamented in 5 years? You'd rather they'd gone to Seattle or Quebec and be gone locally altogether?

Yup, the NY Times contacts bogus "experts" and the CEO of the company that manages corporate tix for many arenas in the USA including Barclay's because they have no clue about future revenue forecasting yet you do.

Things will get much better in Brooklyn. More revenue = better players. Sure can't get any worse than it's been.

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