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Originally Posted by vector209 View Post
You can't blame fans for being down on players that don't contribute to winning in any way. Nothing NugentHopkins said is false. Booth got the benefit of the doubt last year after his injury, where fans kept saying 'wait till he comes back, give him a chance'. He got a chance all right: he got a chance to further drag down that second line.

I know being a Canucks fan is hard, where one has to constantly ignore the past because it's just mired with misery, but sometimes you need to study the past to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. This guy just isn't a good player anymore, and this was made evident last year more times than not.

I'm sick and tired of fans who bash fans--that bash the players--due to some misguided notion that you should support any Canuck unconditionally. I support the team, first and foremost, not a name on the back of the jersey. If player x isn't producing, then he's hurting the team, and he needs to go.

This team can't score. Booth was brought in to do that, but he doesn't even do that very well because he's either injured or completely useless out there. How many more playoff losses where the team is exposed as being offensively anemic do people need to endure before they change their tune?
Exactly. The problem lies in our lack of playmakers. Everything is tighter in the playoffs and if you can't dish the puck and find the open man you're useless. What forward not named Sedin has the ability to pass and make plays involving other line mates? The rest of the forward lineup are a bunch of individuals who try to do everything themselves and fail in the playoffs when it just doesn't work.

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