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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
To Dallas: Forsberg, Johansson, Ward, Galiev, 1st 2015
To Washington: Benn, Morrow (2 mil salary held back). I'm assuming if Niewendyk is exploring what he can get for Benn, this would catch his eye.

To Anaheim: Laich, Kuznetsov, Brouwer, Schultz, 2nd 2013, 2nd 2014, 1st 2014
To Washington: Ryan, Beauchemin, Winnik (salary held back to make it work, additional 3rd and later rounders as needed for salary held back). Anaheim gets solid utility winger in Laich, star prospect in Kuznetsov, good PF in Brouwer, bunch of futures. If they resign Getzlaf and possibly Perry they'd be in a very good position.

To Colorado, Wilson, Neuvirth, Perreault, Erskine, 1st 2013
To Washington: O'Reilly, Giguere

Everyone will probably hate me on all sides but I tried to make sure there's at least some quality in all the quantity.

Caps nuke their prospects completely for the next 3 years but finally there are no holes on D and the offense may be most complete in the league in every aspect.

Have at it.
You're proposal for Jamie Benn is really iffy. Its not god awful or anything, but I also don't think their is enough quality there to compensate losing Benn and Morrow. Not to mention the 1st in 2015 is wayy too far in the future to consider it a main piece. Maybe something more like Johannson, Forsberg and a 2013 1st for Benn, but even then I don't think its enough to entice Dallas.

You're proposal for Anaheim wouldn't work for Washington. They sacrifice 3 of their top 6 wingers (IIRC) and their next two seasons worth of top draft picks minus this years first for Ryan and Beauch who is not getting any younger. I would think Washington stays away from this.

You're third one is alright value wise (in a vaccum) except that Colorado doesn't need Neuvirth what with them having Varlamov and all and they don't need to take up two extra roster spots for players that they don't really need.

Essentially, it is alot of quantity (with some quality although) for high level quality players. I think these deals have wayy too much going on with them to really consider them sound offers. Caps shouldn't be blowing up their franchise to get these players. Too much roster shuffling this close to a very short season.

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