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01-17-2013, 01:08 PM
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Was at the game live, result was as expected after looking over the lineup card (team Orr had 3 sets of 3 skaters from Portland, London, and Quebec so they probably had a leg up chemistry-wise).

It's too hard to pick just a few so I'll go with who I thought looked like the best prospects, and who I thought played the best.

If it wasn't clear before last night I think it probably is now, Jones and Mackinnon are clearly the most dynamic players from their positions in the draft. Jones had a dominant first period and looked strong all game, although he did get burned wide by Nate once and got away with a hook (obviously everyone was getting away with minor infractions). Mack didn't have his best game but he showed enough speed and skill to beat any of the players on the other team on the rush and along the boards, and probably generated the most chances on Team Cherry I feel like if he had burried one of those chances from the high slot area in the first he would have been regarded as having a better game by the majority.

I thought the trio of Quebec wingers all looked really good, especially Erne and Duclair speed and skill wise. I think it would have made perfect sense, and balanced the teams more, to have had those guys on Team Cherry over some of the OHL'ers and WHL'ers that looked far from impressive.

I also came away impressed with Nurse and Zadorov.

Last but not least Dauphin and Petan both looked pretty good out there as well.

Players I was underwhelmed by:
-Drouin - I see him in Halifax enough to know this was just a bad game, but being -too selfish and flashy with the puck has been a recent trend since the WJC's.
-Monahan - Not until the third period did he show me any flashes of being a top ten pick in the offensive zone, but those flashes showed exactly the quality I was expecting.
-Lazar - Barely noticeable aside from the scrap in the first two periods, looked much better in the third to me as well. Though he was going to be a beast after seeing him in the U16's here a couple years back, don't know if the offensive ceiling is as high as I first thought (good heavy shot though).
-Mantha - He was absolutely dreadfull aside from a couple nice cross ice passes through traffic I saw in the third period in the offensive zone. Looked lazy, disinterested and selfish at times. I've seen him play the Moose and he looked much better.
-Overall I think the forward crop from the Q this year, in terms of offensive talent, is stronger than the other two leagues. Guys like Harper, Dickinson, and a bunch of names I've already forgotton from those two leagues looked terrible for most of the game.

Obviously it's just one game so it's hard to form any sory of real analysis of someone (Jo is the perfect example), I'm sure most just had bad games. I'm probably forgetting some points I thought of last night, oh well.

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