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01-17-2013, 01:12 PM
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first instincts:

- I didn't take Richter seriously last round and I still don't. Vernon is at about the same level. Hextall is below them. Kipper is above that whole lot, and I can't even see myself voting him in. Liut and Thomas are better, and Lundqvist is better than them.

- I don't see myself voting for Dzurilla. If Seth Martin can't get in (and there's no guarantee he would or should if we went to 50, even) then Dzurilla can't either. It doesn't look like he was as good as Martin.

- Connell over Chabot/Kerr, Chabot/Kerr over Roach. Everyone agree?

- All I know about Hern's ranking is that it should be below LeSueur. With Percy in, you could reasonably vote Hern anywhere.

- That leaves Cheevers and Rollins. They have no contemporaries to compare to this round, so we're stuck trying to compare them to other players. There are good reasons to put them in, but also good reasons not to (what are they both, the 7th best of their generations, when others aren't nearly that represented yet?)

TBH, I knew Cheevers was gonna come up too early, get knocked down a few pegs but eventually get in the top-40, now I can't even say that's a guarantee. If you just look at the voting from last round and assume that continues, he ain't getting in. I'm not sure I like that. Who's the next-most recent HHOF goalie to not be in? Moran?

edit: obviously that would be Connell...

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