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01-17-2013, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
The thing is that in and of itself you are right. Many here are looking at this solely as this deal and not big picture. I am looking at that big picture more. A number of us have been openly worrying about drafting all this defense, we drafted two more with our first round picks this year, and in DP passed up more highly regarded forward talent. And we were told not to worry, we can always trade surplus defensive talent for forwards. Just look at the Goligoski deal! This has the feel of just the first shoe dropping. Not that we are going to lose Despres on waivers for nothing, or anything like that. But we are not going to get value for a few of these chips just in a sheer numbers game.
That's the name of the game. Not every "asset" gets you a return for your club, and more importantly, this happens all the time to every single club.

Plus, the real assets are the PMD that Shero drafts. They are the real trading chips compared to more defensive-minded d-men. Those won't get you much of a return anyway until they are well established or a high-end pick, such as Tinordi for example. It's just the market right now. Almost every team is searching for a GoGo, not such much a Strait type player.

I even doubt that we'd be able to "make up for the pick" by getting a 3rd rounder for him. Just don't believe there was a market for him with the current trades happening, free agents still available, and many players hitting waivers.

I just don't see how losing Strait would dramatically affect this team now and in the future.

And if he's makes more room for the prospects that almost everyone here wants to see get more (potential) NHL time lol.

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