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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
First of're unnecessarily getting vitriolic within our own board. Try to avoid that, I'm not into name calling and youtube-worthy comments.
Because you were quoting Patch's and Price's 3rd contract numbers as example that they finally "proved themselves" for their bridge contract.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
You are correct about both your Patches and Price contracts in their situation and number of contracts.

The point here is that PK is at a point where his second contract (as you stated) could be worth more than Price's or Patches' were (you saw the figures I floated, right?). I'm fine with HIS bridge contract being more like a 3rd contract in terms of actual money, although you are still giving PK a little too much credit in terms of proving himself. I think he's a boss, but you need to put in a little more time to deserve what he's allegedly asking. The issue here is that the Habs are willing to make this "bridge" contract worth more (but not exorbitant), but for a longer term (to ensure it goes past his UFA situation) OR to pay him more than Patches and Price got (again, due to your reasoning), but shorter to allow for a re-evaluation while he's still an RFA (at which point he could certainly demand more money, just like he's doing now and would get it if all things stay the same).

edit: just to clarify - it seems like you're actually suggesting that IF he signs a bridge contract (unclear if that's what you are calling for), he should get wayyy less that I'm proposing. Price and Patches signed long-term to decently plump sums, which I'm fine with. PK has proven himself worthy of a similar contract. I'm not debating that. I'm saying he can't ask for a middle ground price for 4 years or a bigger contract than Patches long term. Same contract, fine.
I don't see why you have to be dogmatic about having a bridge contract. Price & Patch did not proved anything that would allow them to jump over it. PK did. He played a key position for a year and a half, and hasn't disappointed. He constantly got better over time, and earned his place as our most used defenseman on every single situation.

I hardly see why you need to sign him a bridge contract to "be sure". We are sure. Subban has been a steadfast member of our lineup for longer than Pacioretty, and yet doesn't deserves more than 2 years just because he happens to be younger?

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