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01-17-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Funny you should mention that, I just got a pair of 120" Elite white unwaxed Pro laces. They seem wider than the regular laces and I've got a thick white felt tongue so I gave them a shot. A little bit of stretch but not too bad. I think 108" is standard for my size 8 skates, but they always seem so short. The 120's are a bit long but I like all the extra room when lacing, I can pull them tighter and then really loosen them to take them off without the laces coming out of the eyelets.

In the past I usually stick to waxed Grafs. Solid laces. Might try 120 waxed Graf next time I'm in a shop that carries them.

Generally my favorite unwaxed are Bauer, they are wide and don't stretch. Can't compare to the Elite Pro as I haven't had Bauer laces for a while. Again, need to pick some up when I see them.

Also used Gorilla laces in the past, and they were nice. Held tight without coming undone. But when I switched from Bauer to Graf skates, I had to use wider/softer laces as small ones would dig into my foot and cause lace bite.
I'm with you, I like the 120s for the same reason you do. I used to wear 108s but for some reason they seemed to be getting shorter each time I bought a new pair. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but almost has me wondering if lace companies are taking an inch or two off what they say the length is. In any case, I wear waxed Elites but I find the consistency in waxiness and length pretty variable, they need better quality control at least. I bought red and loved them but the next reds had very little wax on them.

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