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01-17-2013, 01:59 PM
I love the Draft!!
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Originally Posted by Bones45 View Post
Which Bailey would you be speaking of? Cuz It can't be the Josh Bailey who plays for the Isles. He floats around and does nothing for 90% of the time.

Like Crosby?

I think people here need to realize that these prospects/teenagers which are touted as talent, NEED TO PLAY IN THE AHL FOR YEARS before they come to the NHL in order to be successful.

one year? Try THREE.

Isles mgmt is so dumb, they are ruining talent by bringing them up too early and letting them get mangled. This is the norm. Bailey is a perfect example.

Then you add the fact that they have no talent to play with, once they get here -- and the mistake is compounded.
I'm all for grooming talent, and what the Isles did in rushing Bailey and Nino was ridiculous.... But for you to say practically all skilled players need years in the AHL to develop these skills is a stretch... On top of that, saying Strome, Nelson and Sundstrom are all three years away is pushing it as well.. Some players develop quicker than others. Not all prospects develop along the same time line, nor do they all have the same size and strength.

And when I said Bailey needs to play with talented scorers, in case you are not aware, there are lots of talent levels in between Jesse Joensuu and Sidney Crosby.. I meant putting a guy on the second line doesn't mean anything unless he has legitimate 2nd line players on his line. In many ways, Bailey has been set up for failure as was Nino last year when you bury them on the 3rd or 4th line with linemates that couldn't buy a goal. So NO, i wasn't asking for a Sid Crosby to play alongside of Bailey. I was just saying that some players (Okposo) are handed spots (first line alongside of Tavares) that make it very easy to score, so if the team would like to see Bailey succeed, give him some linemates that can complement his talent level. Perhaps one veteran (Boyes or Okposo), and one big skilled kid such as Nelson or Nino over the likes of a Joensuu, Mcdonald or even Martin...

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