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01-17-2013, 02:01 PM
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Everyone already knows Jones, MacKinnon and Drouin. Nothing in this game did anything to move any of their draft stocks or generate further discussion really, all played good games.

Other players though:

Horvat and Monahan could both survive in the NHL next year with their defensive abilities, but Horvat should obviously stay in order to further develop his offensive game but he has huge hockey IQ. Monahan is a top-5 pick, he can bring Couturier/Jordan Staal level of maturity in his rookie year, he's a playoff kind of player. Love Horvat's game too, he can be a terrific 2/3 C in the NHL that brings elite defense if his game keeps improving, can see him as an elite checker/defender that can chip in some offense.

Hartman is going to be a player, he has that drive and determination that players like Callahan and Mike Richards have. Top 20 for me, think he is better than Laughton who was drafted last year but are both '94s.

Theodore looked very below-average to me, so tentative and weak when physicality starts coming and the speed of the game increases, but his distribution when he had the puck looked good. Morrissey on the other hand is the same calm, cool and collected player as always - think he has cemented himself as the third best WHL defender and I would probably spend a top 15 pick on him. Just so smooth in all aspects and a great sense of where to be. Still has a baby face and has a lot of filling out yet to do, by the time he is 20 and in the AHL he will be ready to do some serious damage.

Jordan Subban is undoubtedly undersized but flashed 2nd round potential to me after he was a late invite and thought of as a 4th rounder or later. His skating, crispness of his passing and authority with which he makes decisions with the puck and how he always has his head up with his feet moving make me feel good about him. Factoring in his bloodlines, really don't think you can discount that he will know what it takes. The raw skill is there and I think the work ethic and determination will follow especially when you see the jump in development from 17 to 18 in both his brothers. Definitely don't think this is another Jared Staal - the talent is there this time.

Adam Erne is probably somewhere in the 20's for me, good power game but I like players that can control overall play more but he can break a game open at any time. Lazar is out of my first round, I've seen him 20+ times live in Edmonton but these other kids just show too much potential for me to justify taking him in the 20's even.

Most impressive to me however in terms of NHL potential were Darnell Nurse and Nic Petan. Nurse I would take in the top 10 without even blinking, he is a little raw still but he plays like how everybody wants Griffin Reinhart to play, he has the same mobility and size but is aggressive as hell and plays with a mean streak while keeping his head up making solid plays. Reinhart's hockey sense might be a little better but you can't not like the package of tools Nurse is bringing, could be a truly scary defender in the NHL. A nasty version of Brayden Coburn with Bieksa's aggression.

In Petan's case it is difficult to think size will hamper him in the NHL, seen him play in the WHL too and this kid is flashing Eberle/Skinner potential in my opinion. His offensive skills and hockey sense are off the charts and could definitely overtake Shinkaruk in my eyes by the end of this season.

In summary, this is seriously looking like the best crop of CHL kids in a long time, so much potential stretching into the second round and maybe even beyond. Could be the best crop since 2003, these kids were for real last night and a treat to watch.

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