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Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
You claim that keeping a guy who did something ungentlemanly was a statement that it was an isolated incident. Which is a illogical thing to claim. Keeping that guy is either no statement at all or a statement that discipline is secondary. In no way is keeping the guy in itself a statement that what he did is not going to happen again. Simple logics.

Right, and the parallel to the 1974 situation is that Clarke and the likes were not sent home either. Applying your logic: "Keeping Bobby Clarke as part of the team was a statement that it was an isolated incident." No, it really wasn't an isolated incident, and no, it wasn't a statement towards that end. Neither was keeping Ley a statement two years later. Harris might have been better at keeping his players in check overall than Sinden was, but the way you worded it your claim is - pardon me - absurd.
Perfectly logical. It is a statement that the team has faith that there will be no repeat of the incident and that is exactly what happened.

By the time the Clarke incident happened the team had lost all discipline AND the Clarke incident was coach inspired. So the coaching staff could not send him home or the team would never listen to them again.

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