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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Firstly, could you please state what deals would be acceptable to you, cuz I don't see how what I've suggested is super unfair to PK.
It is not. But maybe it's not what Subban wants. Just because a deal is, technically, fair, doesn't mean you have to swallow it if it's not what you want.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Second, suppose you had to sign Price to a contract after his first year (consider how many seasons Subban has played). He had just as much of a claim given his position, hype, importance to the future as PK does according to you. You would argue that he skip a modest contract and go big!
Subban has played 2 seasons. Not 1; 2.

Carey Price started off hot in 07-08, sure. But he weakened at times and often lost his footing to Christobal Huet at the time.

And then 08-09, 09-10 came upon us, with Halak upstaging him in the 2nd season.

When the 2010 contract signing arrived, Price hadn't proved himself to be a 100% reliable #1 goalie. Not a single year; Huet or Halak were always on his heels. PK Subban, on the other hand, kept being one of the most reliable player since 2011 arrived.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Since he had to play multiple seasons to show he was the real deal in order to get the big contract, his faltering during his young development process is not NOW seen as a huge mistake. He lost it for a bit (not THAT long, maybe a season and a half and with horrible D for 50% of that).

The same sort of thing could happen to PK. The only thing that kept Price alive with the Habs was Gainey's belief in him. They could have traded him instead when things were bad, but he bounced back, showed he's the man for the job and got rewarded. PK could have an abysmal season this year and a bloated contract will then seem imprudent. (It WILL have been!)
Yes, but it keeps looking less and less likely. If Subban had faltered last season, he would have proved not to be a reliable #1 yet. But he did not. He's known some bad streaks (but then, so did every one of our players) but he kept going and have known some amazing moments.

Never he showed the sort of instability Price showed early in his career. Subban's worst time was the early 2010-11 season, and he improved by leaps of giants since, never regressing.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
All I'm suggesting is that given we have confidence in PK, but would like him to focus on developing as opposed to already having earned a big contract. Still, if he wants more money, then show your loyalty to the team by avoiding going to UFA. Still, he cannot ask for a ridiculous amount at this point. He has not proven himself beyond Patches and DEFINITELY not beyond Price. Still, Bergevin and most fans are willing to give him way more money than those two bridge contracts, just not Doughty or Suter money. That's just silly!

Again, eager to hear your proposal.
I do not believe Subban thinks he has reached his full potential yet. I don't think he will sit on his big contract; that's not in his nature.

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